20 Awesome Facts about Digital Marketing 


As of the present scenario, the Digital Marketing has undoubtedly been the ace of the marketing world and that there are many more seo agency in chennai advancements being evolved over the years. Digital Marketing is an efficient technique to keep up your customer base and constantly look forward to increased the rate of customers for a business. The significant trend of digital marketing is all about mobile. The percentage of customers who opt for a computer or desktop is declined and it is very much true fact that majority of the people use mobile phones. It's an undeniable stat that people spent more than 5 hours with their mobile phones and 2-3 hours with mobile applications.

With that said, this article is a collection of some very interesting Digital Marketing facts that make you go gazed.

1. Video Content is going to be the king at present and in the next years, in which the analytics report has put forward that 80% of people attracted to the video reading, only 20% of people reading the text. 

2. The increased use of mobile devices has made way for the marketers to explore their mobile marketing strategies where 700 Million users visit Facebook via Mobile phones.

3. 66% of Facebook Advertising is generated from the Mobile users, which is 49% up compared to the previous years.

4. 6% percent of all digital time is spent on Facebook

5. 70% of a revenue to a business is generated from Facebook Advertising.

6. India is the country with a higher number of embracing support for social media with 250 millions of active users from the country.

7. Emails with no subject line, 8% likely get unnoticed than with the one.

8. About 8 new LinkedIn group accounts are created every week that a marketer has got the best options to attract these potential LinkedIn groups by following attractive marketing strategies.

9. Instagram photos are most attracted and 70% of product based, image-centric businesses have able to pull the interest of the customers with its brand.

10. 66% of marketers believe the digital marketing is the best mediums to succeed.

11. Every Facebook post will get noticed within the first 5 hours.

12. 30% Business to Customer Interaction happens higher in Facebook advertising on Sundays

13. 77% of buyers interested to purchase their preferred product from the company whose presence is higher on Facebook medium.

14. The business that leverages E-Mail Marketing Strategies has managed to convert 28% of its visitors into loyal customers.

15. Linkedin is the best platform for B2B based business to generate more leads while Facebook is nellaiseo best for both B2B & B2C based business. 47% of business use Linkedin while 90% use Facebook to generate more leads.

16. 90% of a business information is best reached to the people through a video content.

17. An average of people is interested in reading blogs rather than Newspaper. The 15 times blogging a month generates 5% traffic more.

18. Content Marketing takes three times more leads than the paid advertising.

19. Photos are much more gets noticed that of normal content.

20. Shorter Posts of about 250 words yields maximum traffic to the company leveraging its social media strategies.

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