5 Simple Techniques for E-commerce Store to improve its User Experience


The reason behind the popularity in the E-commerce Industry is its remarkable use of online and smartphones by the people for accomplishing their basic needs. It is even going to grow constantly in the next years until it reaches the saturation point. As far as mobile phones exist in the world, e-commerce and mobile application niche is always the elevated graph. The ever-evolving technology enables people do online shop on the go, which is why a professional e-commerce website developer should enhance a better user experience that make sure your online store has more customer retention.  

Apart from innovations in the technology, it is quite challenging for the business owner to keep up with the latest trends and also the competition in the market is fierce day by day with arrival of new budding startups. To win the race and stand out of the crowd, how unique and quality an e-commerce designer and developer construct their online store, will help them to pull in the attention of the customers and moreover it should make more customer retention. Such that to run a healthy competition among your competitors. 

A good user experience design is the key factor to keep your users stay connected with the online store for both your existing and potential customers. The best possible online shopping experience whenever they visit will help you form the long-lasting customers and gain their loyalty and customer trust. 

This article explains the best strategy that you will implement to achieve the best e-commerce design to get customer's trust.

Create Unforgettable First Impressions:

For getting your users attention, focus should be on creating the first impression which is the lasting impression. So you must make sure everything is simple and clearly visible to the other end of the users that is your potential customers. Web design company in tirunelveli Your store must be easy to navigate through and must avoid any complexity as it might make your user leave out there itself. A simple and easy accessible web design is the most important aspect to get their attention to focus on your website among your competitors. 

Most importantly, your users are present on the mobile device. So, your design must be simple as well as mobile responsive while you provide an enriching mobile experience for your users. 

Quality Image:

For an E-commerce website, clarity in the image is most important. As in e-commerce website, your users going to purchase the product by glimpsing through the image of the product. The quality of the image will speak about what kind of product and service you are giving your users. So, when the image is clarity, your customer feel impressive. That might push your user to add the preferred product in the wishlist, and make them land up to the transaction activity, as your customer has the clear view with the product and service.  

People have more tendency to read 20% of the description you offer and 80% they keep eye on the good impressive image. So, an eye-catching image keeps your customer engaged on your website up to the end of the complete scenario.

Simple User-Friendly Navigation

Make your entire E-commerce store navigate through simple and easier in such a manner that your customers or audience will find what exactly they are looking out for from the store. Avoid doing a complex integration as it might leave your audience distracted easily and abandon your's and move on to your competitor. 

You must reduce bounce rates of your E-commerce store, generally if you manage to do this you can improve the conversion rate and reduce bounce rates. You can make navigation much easier for your users by designing a “recent view” tab which has the user recently visited product which helps them to avoid searching the product repeatedly by typing.  

Creating a “what's new” tab for your new product arrivals and listing out it separately, will not only make user clear vision they would be tempted to revisit your e-commerce store eagerly to find what new stuff they can buy from the store. In this way, new product and old stuff categorized perfectly to your user vision. Moreover, it will instantly grab their attention.

Make Your Customers Stay Connected:

Keeping your audience growth graph moving upward defines the successful running of your E-commerce store. To keep your customers always engaged to your website is quite challenging but when you achieve doing that successfully, will help your store constantly engaged with more customers. 

Give offers, freebies, coupons which will compel and tempt them to recheck the website habitually with a curiosity. You need to update your customers with new information every time. You cannot assure the time period after which your customer will revisit the e-commerce store. So, it is up to the store owner to work constantly to update latest information about them to the potential audiences. 

Having a blog will give your user a better experience. Meanwhile, you can also share your valuable content on social media platforms. Blog is the best means to stick your audience on to your e-commerce store. Through blog you will add new product image, new information of the product. Website design company in tirunelveli For instance, a mobile device selling store can add information about the upcoming trends and higher version of the device or related to the mobile technology.  

The most significant platform that more constantly pulls audience is making a social media presence, since the majority of the customers spend their time in online and on various social media channels. Therefore, make sure to give a fantastic experience with social media. There is no point in spending the time on platforms that none of your customers using it. Ever present social media channels are your Facebook and Twitter where 99% of masses stay there to accomplish their goals. 

Providing the latest trending and catchy information related to your brand, you will show the customers you respect them, thus help you gain their valuable trust and loyalty.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment is the major issue that every e-commerce store owner experience every time, so you must ensure to remove frictions that keep your potential buyers from making their purchases. By managing to do that, you can ensure they move till the transaction stage. 

For this, you will show your customers how you care over their security while they are providing money transaction. Adding SSL certificate will guarantee that customers is protected all the times, that their personal information and confidential information is not misused. 

Furthermore, you can provide your buyer free shipping and best lowest price than your competitors while maintaining the quality. These factors make your buyer enthusiasts and help your online store reach the peak and most sought after for the customers. 

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