Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2018


The forthcoming 2018 year is truly set out to be the landmark for all digital initiatives, while they would see an amplifying growth for every business, enterprises and especially the New startups, SMEs, SMBs and more. 2017 marked the tremendous year for the marketing people. From online shopping to net banking, have made the organization to provide the best solution to the enormous users of the digital platform. 

Personalized Emailers

It is definite that people do not like mass e-mailers flood their inboxes with offers coupons, spam mail, repeated information circulating their inbox frequently-- all these make people even show uninterest with your product and services. No personalized emails are clearly fed off as the content you are sending it out to the audience might be irrelevant information for them. So, email marketing work should be done rightly seo company in tirunelveli. These mass mailing while upgraded to personalized emailers will guarantee the audience attention. Apart from personalization, you can utilize retargeting based on what users are previously looking out for and give them personalized offers based on their demographics, interest or based on how far they have been engaged in your website. This will pull your audience not only to the website but will also leave them interested in refreshing the inbox for your offers & deals.

Work on Quality over Quantity

It is often a misguided factor for the brands that higher the number of posts put up on social media will generate more traffic. But, the truth is that with the abundance of content already available online, it is more important to attract users with high-quality content. So, quality content that are of high unique matters a lot rather than a multitude of average blogs that will get hidden in the ocean of information. A fewer of the content that sets the high-quality would attract potential customers. When quality combined with content amplification strategies will ensure content reaches the target group at massive range of digital marketing agency in chennai

Marketing on Facebook/Instagram

In spite of Twitter is been one of leading social media platforms, it is now seeing its downfall in the Marketing. Though Twitter had topped during the closure of the last financial year, in India it has less percent of the user base. We digital marketing company in chennai the digital marketers use the efficacious medium such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. They are also fascinated on these platforms due to the higher percentage of active users. These are the direct marketing channel for the digital marketing campaigning and advertising. Where they can find higher percentile of users. Moreover, ROI and effectiveness of advertising spend on Facebook and Instagram does well.

Data-Driven Attribution

Data-Driven attribution is the credit given by the Google Adwords for the campaign running based on the rate at which people search for your business and decide to become your customers. For this, it always tracks data from your account and determines which ads, keywords, campaigns have the greatest impact on your business goals. Last click attribution is now no more a trending thing in the digital marketing which is supplanted by Data-driven attribution.  With last-click attribution model you know the recent buyer activity when logged on to your website and make a purchase, but with data-driven model, you will get the full insight of the customer from the time of his initial journey with Google Ad to the Facebook retargeting and emailer they received to push them to make the purchase.

Paid Searches yields more ROI

The future of the digital marketing services in chennai this current year 2018, the paid searches will yields the business with more ROI for their investments. Facebook retargeting Ads will make the invested money invaluable where the Facebook Ads reached to your target audience. Facebook has rolled out a new feature called “explore feed” tab specifically for brands. This feature gives more insights of a visitor detail like demographics,  interests and more.

Long-form Blog Content

Blog have emerged extremely important for any business to get engaged with the audience. To make your blog more effective, you must bid adieu to short-form content. A lengthy and highly quality conceptualization of the blog work well and ranks well on Google. An informative topic that is written on deep analysis and weel research serves better on the whole. Craft your blogs with infographics and videos flocking with more similar posts keep them hooked on to your website.

Video Content Plays Vital Role

The Video content is very much a common thing not much of technical, but in marketing, it is taking its precedence in 2018. For instance, In terms of Facebook how much of your video post is engaged by the users that of the usual post. To put it in common perspective, Youtube will be the second most ranked after Google. By 2020 more of online videos will pack up more than 80% of overall traffic to the brand. The increase in video content is visible from the number of likes on Facebook and Instagram. An attractive video content might amplify your brand message and spread your reach. No other content be fascinating as of video content. This form of video marketing will stand out your brand first before the other competitors of your niche come up with the video for their brand. Video content can be of many forms, including 360 view and live video streaming.

Voice as Marketing Tool:

With our Mobile phones have become the very common usage to accomplish online shopping, learning activities, news feed, online transaction and more, we rely on smartphones. User pertaining to obtain his search result with the mobile phone is most probably do the voice search where saying your query to Google voice, you will get retrieved to fetch the appropriate results. It is very handy for the users moreover, convenient where they can rule out texting and give their query in the voice form. This will be a whole new kind of content marketing.

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