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Developing Mobile App is a very common scenario in today’s world. Having witnessed several advantages like increased sales, brand awareness, increased Return on Investment, without any clashes mobile app development has become the essentiality of every business today. Moreover, when we further look at the development of application it requires great planning and searches for developing a flawless and high-efficient Mobile Apps.

As Mobile Application is satisfying the individual need in every possible way, it helps them to accomplish every set of task on the go right from Online shopping, money transactions, social media interactions, track, orders everything with one tap and get anything anywhere through App. 

Moreover, hundreds of apps are making their debut in the mobility market and several hundred types of Mobile Application getting diminished from the market without making a mark. So while developing your Mobile App, it is always good to stick with the basic development approach of the application and which is why experts developers insist to serve always fresh and realistic ideas. 

Small elements like App design, App functionality, App features when overlooked carefully can create a major impact of attracting immeasurable crowd benefitting your business in the long run. Already App store or play store is crowned by a huge number of Apps, it is necessary for your app to be spot-on the first and that you don’t leave any stone unturned.

Here is the detailed discussion of various lifecycle and stages of Mobile App development that will help you to craft the result-determined and unmatchable Mobile App. Which will gradually gain credibility from customers and become the most wanted and downloaded Apps in the App store. Whether it is Android or iPhone App development this agile development phase will make your app travel a long way over the pace of time.


The first step is very crucial as it is the foundational layer for gathering the development requirements and knowing about the clear vision of the client and the feasibility of the development. It lays the groundwork for your next step. At this stage itself, all your research and brainstorming should be completed before proceeding the next step. 

You must ask yourself the question and become clear on the points like objective, aim, target audience, the platform you want to develop your App, your app should be paid or free. Only this planning or gathering phase helps you to estimate the actual time that would be required to develop the App. The factors such as competition, the plethora of app in the same niche of your business, features, kind of service, are important to analyze within this stage itself such that to make unique and well-defined App. The cost estimation of the App development and other factors is clearly defined at this stage as per the competition. 


This stage is full of paperwork which is clearly writing your idea onto paper or a whiteboard. After a detailed analysis of cost-estimation and requirement gathering, this stage you should start adding details to your app. You should take a move to clear the design structure of the Mobile App which helps you to collect large ideas that will help you create the Mobile App in an amazing & flawless manner.

Building a Prototype

Before moving to the actual development of the Mobile App, you must make a prototype of your App. Only then you will get a clear preview of how your final Mobile App will appear after its launch. In this process, you will be able to know what your app would feel when it is touched, its interface appearance, navigation between screen by screen and all other features that you will optimize on your design. This will at the most help your design to be very flawless without leaving any loopholes. 


Designing of Apps comes a long way before the actual development. For making your App design in an alluring & professional manner, you can hire the highest rated and highly experienced Mobile App designer that can give you cool insights over UI/UX of your application. So, you will be able to create the beautiful and stunning application with user-friendly and rich Mobile App Interface. This way you can come up with the awesome design that will grab the attention of the user. 

Mobile App Development

Next comes the actual development of the Mobile Application which is the primary stage of the entire development process. It is where taking the input from the designing phase, you will develop the entire mobile application. Here the actual coding and connectivity with the database are shown. You can add features, use advanced technologies which are required to develop your mobile application as per the requirements of the client. 

Application Testing

The next phase of the Mobile App development is the Testing Phase. On completing your Mobile Application development the next comes the testing phase. In this testing phase, the Mobile App is completely tested for the bugs ensuring the App runs smoothly without any disruption and gives the best experience for the users. When your user finds your App very interesting and finds it impressive, then your app may gain more users and popularity in the Play store or App store. There are two types of testing that are usually done on your App.

UAT Testing 

This is an important testing process which determines the App user experience level in which the App is tested for the target audience discernment. This helps you to know your App has the potential to capture the marketplace and make its reach in the play store or App store.

Beta Testing

This Beta testing is done for your App to determine the functionality of your App features and how they work in the real world environment. This Beta testing also allows the users to participate in the trialing process of Mobile App.

The Application testing phase is the significant stage to make sure your App runs with full functionality of all features after its launch.

Launching your Application

Once your Mobile App is developed and optimized totally and ready for the launch stage, you can submit your App to the App Store or Play store for getting the approval from the respective App store. Once the App is launched, it is not the end case. After the launch, the App requires regular updates and addition of functionality of new features throughout the application lifecycle. While this update may indulge a whole new cycle of starts after the launch of the first version of the App.

Wrapping Up

When you want your Mobile App to not go diminished in the App store and visible to the users and gradually earn popularity, you need to follow a well-structured development process that allows you to craft Mobile App without leaving loopholes, and also the drawbacks of your application. 

The above well-planned Mobile App development lifecycle is obtained after in-depth research of Mobile App strategies and which elements of the App worked really well.

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