Interesting facts about E-commerce that leaves you Amazed


With the biggest reach of smartphone, tablets and higher versions of Mobile gadgets, everyone knows about E-commerce and what exactly is online shopping & purchasing. Almost everyone are crazy about using mobile phone and mobile apps. Most of us inclined to spend our time on gaming, entertainment & online purchasing oriented mobile apps. Among which the online purchase apps and websites are the most used by the people. The more and more online purchases are made via mobile apps and websites which is the significant reason for the prolific growth of E-commerce Industry.

Are you a business owner or running a retail or enterprises? Do you know how important it is to have an exclusive online store to make your product sold 100% to the customers across the world sitting at one place. Two ways the online store will benefit. Web design company in salem Business people can sell products biggest than ever to that of the offline store and customers can buy the product anytime skipping the time to travel and purchase conveniently online.

Here are some Interesting facts that make you amazed about E-commerce or online store and its priority of every product based business to drift their venture to the greater heights via an online store.

Interesting Facts about You Don't Know About E-commerce

1. 90% of the people love to shop using their Mobile phones rather than laptops and other gadgets.

2. Direct Channel to Directly reach your target audience:Targeting the right audience is quite easier through an e-commerce website, while it again helps your sales increase, revenue, credibility and growth to your business.

3. Unbelievable fact is the most of the online purchases are generated from Asia & some parts of South Korea, while most of us may have a false assumption that US, UK people love to do online shopping.

4. Among the other product online purchase, it is Accessories and apparels are topmost sold out. This points out that Women buyers are more than the men buyers. Most of the women prefer to shop their preferred accessories, lifestyle, fashion, groceries in online.

5. 62% of US Women pay attention to Online discount, deals & offers.

6. Most percentile of Online purchases occurs during weekends and after 6.PM. So, a web store owner should pay more attention to increase their online sales during the peak timings.

7. 80% of the population believes that they get more offers and deals in online than the usual bricks and mortar.

8. Bigger Offers and discounts opted from online rather than the usual offline purchase.

9. 80% of online purchase occurs in the Internet, of which 50% of them love to visit and purchase again.

10. 69% of tablet owners make a monthly purchase online.

11. It is a true fact that the most of the online purchases have occurred from the referrals and friend suggestion. The online store that is able to make its store highly professional and user engaging have generated more sales through suggestion.

12. 26% of the shopping carts abandoned that forced its user with compulsory user registration and never returned.

13. People who might prefer buying their product from the direct stores mostly preview the product's complete information in online. Website design company in salem It is up to the online store owner to keep up these users till the end of the transaction.

14. Online is a major source of inspiration for gift shoppers

15. 70% of the buyers Zoom images before purchasing.

16. E-commerce store having a leveraging social media strategy made its 63% of sales via social media presence.

17. 89% of users look for the clear image and description about the product.

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