Key strategies to reach your Millennial customers through E-commerce Business


Its a challenging task for every e-commerce store owners to take their product in the hands of Millennial customers. Right now you’ll ask or have a question of “ who your Millennial customers” and “ how you will screen them from the huge population”. From the analytics, the millennial shoppers are probably between the age groups who are born between the 1980’s and 2000’s. They are the most valuable consumer groups nowadays, they are not the from the fullest population but they have the real buying power. It is revealed that they contribute to the purchase of billions dollar annually. The graph will exponentially increase by 2020.

 For an E-commerce business, Millenial shoppers play a significant role that you can follow up and implement some strategies to market your business to millennials. They are the Online Savvy people. They spent more hours in online and mobile phones and engaged with social media sites. As an e-commerce owner, your aim should be to attract target millennials customers.

 Nowadays, to make your business top in the Industry you must concentrate on customer interests and niche competitors. Amplify your opportunities by selling out your products and services to millennials. This post explains you the techniques to market your e-commerce business

E-Commerce Platform Presence

E-commerce platform is like a shopping place where your customers will find their preferred products. In that way, it is very clear that your millennials like online shopping and they are online savvy. Do you aware of the fact that major online users prefer online shopping. But only half the percentage of businesses have their online presence? A survey taken has revealed that the majority of millennials would prefer to shop online if they get an opportunity. If you have an online e-commerce business, then you can increase your online sales by selling out to millennials and get long-term ROI. Those people would find it an easy & simple way to shop online. When you want to move your business to further from the offline store, then you will have to first build an e-commerce platform with quality and then take it further in online to meet your millennials. Remember, E-commerce is a medium of the channel connecting your business with your millennial trusts. Fashion and lifestyles, accessories, furniture, grocery, electronic gadgets niches can gain more customers as the millennials are preferring to purchase from online. 

Multi-Platform Shopping Experience

Not only, your millennial customers would prefer to purchase from the single platform and they would prefer marketing in multiple channels. With E-commerce website, you can only attract desktop and PC users. But connecting with more than one platform will help you reach the still larger group and such that multiple device users like desktop, mobile phones will access your business information. The smartphone is the major device that everyone uses daily. Rather than the desktop user, the majority of them are mobile phone users. To market your business to more people, creating cross-platform shopping experience is essential. Where Mobile phones are significantly important for the enhancements that you aimed to achieve it. In fact, most of the customer acquisition and retention takes place through smartphone and would preferably do online shopping.

Mobile Optimized E-commerce Platform

As we discussed Mobile presence is important for your business. This is where M-commerce plays a vital role in your business. Mobile-commerce is the best way to get your business reach to the hands of smartphone users. The Mobile App representing your E-commerce store will achieve your business objectives. Moreover, as an e-commerce seller, you need to provide a mobile payment option to millennial shoppers to increase the chances of more purchases.

Leverage your Social Media Presence

Definitely, for more endorsements to take place in your business, social media presence is essential to take your business to the next level. Whopping your social media profiles will propagate your business reach. More folks will turn as a fan and loyal customers. Both customer retention and acquisition is possible through sharing posts in social media channels. According to recent stats, millennial shoppers are influenced by celebrity endorsements, fan pages, interesting posts, catchy information, trending videos, and images. There is a need for stealing the attention of visitors. When your stuff is attractive, then your job is done perfectly. Slowly and steadily your reputation will happen and result you are on the winning side. Don’t worry, there is no need to invest heavily in your marketing efforts, you can make social media sharing a vital element of your branding strategy. Say, through the post, they have made a purchase, probably few of them will turn to post their reviews about the product on social media channels. 

Produce Engaging Content

Create Engaging content or post is very important. No doubt, Millennials like to do online shopping, remember they would equally research a product or a service, they will determine the quality of your products and services. Thereafter, they would decide whether to make a purchase or not.

Well, an engaging social media content will improve your e-commerce website conversion. Where most of them would be looking out for the deals, offers, promotion, discounts. Among the other branding strategy, this one stands out the top. Everyone would have come across great Indian sale offers of Amazon and Flipkart. They both are best examples in E-commerce Industry.  An impressive images, post, videos will leave a good impression about your product and services.

According to the stats

Deals and offers influences 70% of shoppers to shop online.

Most of the loyal customers turned out to check frequently for the promo, offers, and updates from social media channel.

90% of them look out for the shop that is heading the lowest price of the similar product.


Millennial is the loyal customers. Therefore, it makes sense to market your e-commerce business to such millennials. So, if you are planning to have a good eye- catchy and professional E-commerce Website for your business. We have our dedicated professional E-commerce developers who are highly experienced in E-commerce platforms and technologies to design and develop an exclusive E-commerce Website for your business.

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