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Laravel is an open source PHP framework with expressive and elegant syntax that aims to ease the complex tasks such as routing, sessions, caching, authentication, hence, taking out the pain of web development in the most scenario. It provides access to powerful tools needed to build large robust applications, expressive migration system, tightly integrated unit testing support to create the application for which you are tasked. This Laravel development framework can be used to create large-level enterprise application as well as small level applications that involve simple JSON API’s meaning that laravel is perfectly suited for developing all types and levels of application. Laravel works great on MYSQL, Postgres, SQL server, SQ Lite. Being built on top of Symfony components, it provides well-tested and reliable code.


CodeIgniter is one of the simple and elegant frameworks to build from simple to fully-featured web applications. It is considered one of the powerful frameworks. It’s no Coding restricting rules and requires no configuration. CodeIgniter features and access rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks. This framework performs faster as its core system requires only a few simple libraries and can be dynamically added based upon the requirements to accomplish the process. This means the CodeIgniter is agile as well as a flexible platform to code your web application. This CodeIgniter completely follows the MVC controller approach, logic and presentation are separated greatly and which is why the framework is useful for the projects where designers work completely on template files.


CakePHP is a simple and flexible platform that incorporates simple configuration. With this framework, you just need to set up your database and you’re set to go and implement your web application easily. Certain important features like translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication are built into the framework. It comes with decent MVC rules, to help you in developing your application in a systematic manner and much faster with zero errors. To keep your entire data stored in a consistent and logical manner, this framework facilitates an organizational structure for the database name and table name.

This framework can handle every aspect of your application right from user requests from the initial stage to the final deployment of the web page in an efficient manner. To help keep your application safe and secure cake PHP comes with built-in tools for validation, protection against SQL injection, tampering and more.


Symfony is one of the powerful PHP frameworks that consists of toolbox and methodology for accomplishing the development. Toolbox is a set of prefabricated, rapidly integrable software components. This means you have to code less and create an application at a faster rate without giving a room for the errors. Methodology is an assembly diagram for applications. This means the framework offers a structured approach to develop your web application efficiently and effectively even for the most complex task. Beyond being a powerful tool, Symfony is also a philosophy and a community. Using this Symfony framework you can build your applications for your own needs. This benefits the developers in creating their own application module and being an opensource framework they can also share their feedback and updates. This framework welcomes huge and diverse developers forming a community.

Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 is also an open source framework for deploying web applications using object-oriented code. The components of this framework use libraries and offer a robust and high-performance MVC application implementation. It’s easily extensible & according to your needs, you can deploy your web application. As Zend framework is a collection of classes, you can just load the components you needed exactly. You can treat the component as individual libraries instead of the framework as a whole. You can implement the framework or components in whatever way you want. Hence,  you are free from the pre-defined constraints in developing your web application.


Phalocon is a PHP 5 framework implemented to consume less resource and exhibit high performance. It is exposed as PHP classes which is ready to use and hence there is no need to learn or use C though it implements ‘C’ extension. You can have the access to full Phalcon framework because it is loosely coupled. By creating a fully featured framework written in C and packaged as the PHP extension, the processor time can be completely saved and hence the overall performance can be optimized better. Though it is just 2 years old after its launch, Phalcon development would take an edge and emerge as the most promising PHP development framework in the future.


Yii is a powerful PHP framework that is explicitly designed to work with AJAX most efficiently. In order to ensure high-end security, Yii includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection, cross-site scripting prevention. It follows an MVC pattern that separates the logic & presentation in a clear format and helping you to develop clean and reusable code. You can model database data in terms of object and avoid the complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements. Yii features high-end security by using a set of validators. Yii works well with third-party code and hence you can integrate frameworks in Yii powered application.


PHP-MVC is a flexible and simple Model View Controller (MVC) application structure that features self-explaining structure which is why it is clean and easy to learn. PHP-MVC comes with both basic and advanced version. The advanced version features additional Twig support and automatic SAAS compiling in pure PHP. It is one of the simplest frameworks having a skeleton structure for quick application development and certainly useful for those new to PHP development. The biggest advantage of this framework is that it is useful for the developers to get started easily without having to learn the framework. This is because it only uses Native PHP code.


Aura provides clean and decoupled libraries and can be used in any database. This is because it provides high-quality, well-tested library packages that can be used in any codebase, where each library can be downloaded independently. It consists of adequate libraries for developing the application easily and quickly. This framework takes the advantage of PHP 5..4+ version and features advanced attributes like formal namespaces, short array syntax, traits that weren’t available in the previous PHP version.


Fat-free is a powerful PHP framework to help build dynamic and robust web applications. This framework consists of easy-to-use web development toolkit, a high-performance URL routing, cache engine and built-in code that supports multilingual web application development. It supports both SQL and NoSQL database. It aims to embrace the balance between code, performance & productivity.

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