SEO trends to look out for 2020 and beyond


 Voice Search marketing will dominate the SEO strategy

Voice search marketing is one of the emerging on-going trends of SEO for the year 2020 and beyond and it’s really important for every entrepreneur and digital marketer should keep an eye with the latest trends. It’s really good for you to adopt voice search marketing with your existing SEO marketing strategies and creates a diverse opportunities for building a strong communication with your audience.

Simply, a voice search is a voice search marketing that allows people to perform searches by speaking into the voice devices. These devices range from smartphones to home assistant devices. Already, Google voice search queries have been used by many more users over these years and it’s crucial to understand the voice search developments and implement them into your digital marketing strategy.  

Key tips to optimize your website for voice search

First, you must know about the features of voice search

       -It uses natural-sounding language                             

       -It converts from queries into question phrases.

       -It provides a stringent answer to the query made via voice devices.

       -What ways you can optimize your website for the search:

      -Target or focus more on the long-tail keyword.                                       

      -Determining what your user wants from your website

      -Ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly and highly-secured.

Ensure your Google My Business page is completely optimized right from the name, description, address, phone number and much more.

A study has also revealed that most common errors occurred with misspelled or wrong mentioning of business opening hours, business name, business address, and more other similar attributes.

Using Natural language, voice search can be optimized for better results. This is because users are having an essential conversation with their personal assistant device.  While formulating your content, you can provide your query as a header before answering the question concisely. You have a better chance of being appearing in the first position and becoming more responsive to a voice search query of the users. For implementing voice search optimization, you need to think about your users’ intent. Understanding what’s on the user mind is crucial and here comes the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can track what type of voice search is used to cater responses to users accordingly.

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Conversational Marketing and SEO

With the inception of Chatbot, the chatbots are used as an effective tool for effective conversational marketing and which is taking the edge in the year 2020. 

So, let’s see what actually is conversational marketing? Why does your business need this conversational marketing and why a digital marketer should keep an eye on with conversational marketing and why it can be one of the prominent SEO trends for every business and how it can be effective in your business marketing strategy. Before moving further, let’s be more clarified with what actually is “Conversational Marketing”

What is Conversational Marketing?

The “conversational marketing” is a one-to-one approach for the companies that use to shorten their sales cycle. The conversational bots will learn about their customers and provide a leveraging buying experience by answering their queries most effectively.

In other words, conversational marketing occurs when you engage with prospects in real-time and if you have to answer their queries technically and solve it end-end  It’s a good channel of marketing because you can communicate with customers almost immediately and on an individual level.

One prominent benefit that you get from the conversational marketing strategy is to establish a human-like interaction with the customers without the need for manual interventions. By providing a more enjoyable, contextualized experience it’s the advantage for the prospects to satisfy their need instantly and as well as the businesses can invest even a small support team while having this conversational chatbot.

Conversational marketing offers buyer-centric interactions meaning that prospects can access the information they’re looking for more quickly and get immediate responses for the service they have opted from you or answering their enquiries.

With the introduction of conversational marketing, you can capture information about your customers in-depth that wasn’t possible before.

What’s Next for Conversational Marketing?

The major impact that conversational marketing has leveraged the B2B marketing world and most importantly the chatbots are at the infant stage of the development. In the future, this conversational chatbot will likely become more intuitive and streamlined and will be implemented by the majority of businesses and entrepreneurs. You can implement chatbots into your business and make more from your business by reducing the sales cycle and thereby enhancing your business operations. 

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 Impact of AI on SEO

Next is the trend that creates the impact of AI on SEO. AI (Artificial Intelligence) follows the machine learning technology, which acts as an important tool in determining how search engines rank pages. Because the positioning of the keyword and Google Ads retargeting the end-users is based on the AI & ML technology. Every digital marketer should abreast knowledge of AI’s technology impact on SEO. This way you can develop more cohesive strategies and better content. Coming into the point, AI is more effective in gathering the right insights. It is used to spot the data you need and allow to plan out strategy around the best channels to reach out to the vast range of potential customers.

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 Impact of Chatbots on SEO

How can Chatbots be implemented on a website?

The next important trend with SEO is how Chatbot impacts your website SEO. Here, we are going to discuss the types of chatbots that can be implemented into a website and can influence the SEO marketing strategies followed in the year 2020.

There are three types of these website chatbots:

Instant Messaging Chatbot

An instant messaging chatbot is the most commonly used chatbots for websites. This type of chatbot is to save resources that you would otherwise have to spend on real customer service agents. The instant messaging chatbot allows you to make things simpler while saving your employees extra time spent on the more important stuff.

Pop-up Chatbot

Pop-up website chatbots are similar to the instant messaging ones – the difference being that they do not come in the form of a chat window. Instead, they are implemented in the form of a pop-up window that can be set up anywhere in the website’s interface. They are best used for product onboarding.

Full Website Chatbot

Full Website Chatbot will be gaining its popularity and many are predicting that this type of chatbots will be revolutionizing web design and user experience. This way of chatbot will ask for specific information and content without making the users searching the website themselves. Everything will be guided by this AI technology and answers to every query made by visitors right from getting to the website.to navigation between the webpages, everything will be enhanced by this Full website Chatbot integration. The time a user vists your website till the end it’s fully answering yuor queryAI technology integration help you from the start till the end of your journey with the website.

In what ways the Chatbots can improve your SEO?

Chatbots can directly impact the website’s performance and its position in the SERP (Search engine result page).

The factors that Chatbot can play a vital role in improving certain factors of the website’s performance.

    • Website speed

    • Site usability

    • User reviews

    • Bounce Rate

    • Dwell Time

The impact of Chatbots on website speed

A Chatbot  script when seamlessly implemented can help your website load fastly and quickly. This will be helping the reputation of your website. Low loading websites will experience a dip in the users' flow rate. A website loading slowly will create the user to wait for some time till the website fully loads. This will cause them to terminate from staying with your website. Again, the same number is even larger on mobile devices.

The impact of Chatbots on-site usability

The chatbot can help the users to achieve the tasks and goals that they wanted to achieve from your website. If the user can easily navigate between the websites and get satisfied with achieving what they wanted, then your site’s usability rate will be gradually increased.

The impact of Chatbots on user reviews

This became especially true after Google updated its algorithm to differentiate between good and bad reviews. Keeping this in mind every developer should make their chatbot a civil and pleasant conversationalist. Avoid keeping it too friendly that may create a creepy impression among the users.

The impact of Chatbots on bounce rate

It is unclearer that a bounce rate can really affect SEO and impacts your rankings.  Most of us would agree, and Google has somewhat confirmed, that it mostly depends on the site’s architecture and purpose. If your chatbot is successfully designed and implemented, it delivers the right information by answering to a query that will prompt the user to stay on the website and hence reducing the bounce rate.

The impact of Chatbots on dwell time

Before moving further, let's be clear with what does actually dwell time means. It’s actually the time period between when a user comes by clicking your website in the SERP and till the time they leave from your website. You can consider this spent time as the timesheet for that visitor visiting your website.

You can improve your website’s dwell time by:

    • Producing better content on your site

    • Using internal linking on your site

    • Adopting engagement tactics

Chatbots are way better to keep your people always interested in your products or content. You can simply keep your landing page that delineates the product and services to the users through an interesting conversational chatbot or simply your chatbot has to answer the user’s question in an efficient manner. So, naturally, the dwell time is increased meaning that the user will probably stay on your website longer and the chances are higher for opting your product.

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 Video Marketing will continue to dominate

A report has shown that the video consumption by a person has averagely contributed to the higher range that will continue to rise steadily next year and beyond.  The statistics declare that 96% of people who watched videos are mostly learned more about the product or services. The inference is that video marketing can play a vital role in pushing your SEO strategy and it’s a great way to improve your brand engagement.

No doubt videos are going to play a major role with SEO:

Now, let’s see some of the tips to boost your SEO through video marketing

     •Using an engaging thumbnail image is the one technique to persuade people to click on the link and communicate your idea in a better manner.

    •Adding accurate schema tags is the better way to make your user better understand your video content and earn more views for your video and way to trap users to your landing page.

    •Add accurate schema tags to allow search engines to better understand your video content and rank it accordingly in the search results.

    •To improve the user’s range then marketing your video is the better way by uploading it on multiple platforms.

     •While uploading your video add proper captions, add a proper transcript, optimize title, optimize the description of your video and ensure they are mobile-friendly. These ways you can optimize your video and improve the visitors on-boarding who are then be converted as your potential and loyal customers.

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Influencer Marketing and SEO

Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools.

Now, let’s see how this influencer marketing will impact SEO:

The heavy competition among business owners to make their website achieve a top-ranking site in the search engine has compelled many to implement trending SEO marketing strategies. To overcome the challenges and get your site placed in the top position the influencer marketing comes into the play. Influencers can leverage your brand visibility by promoting products. Your influencers can potentially improve your efforts taken to improve the SEO of your website and site optimization.

Here are some of the significant impacts that influencer marketers will create for improvising your SEO strategy and reach a wider audience.

Influencers can create a strong linking with customers

For being among the top search engine ranking, influencer marketing generating links with your website will improve its authority and quality meaning that you’ll need to earn links from the high-authority domain which is very relevant to your website’s niche. You can find many ways to improve your influencers for your target. You can work with influential bloggers or the influencers of such bloggers to create content and link to you and thereby generating a high-quality backlink for your site. When your influencer sharing your link increases then others will share the same link to many.

Influencers can create highly engaging content for you

By creating unique and curious content that your audience will highly value can improve your reputation and authority of your website. When you come up with fresh content ideas then influencer marketer circulates your content to more marketers and people and earn prospective natural link juice for your website. They themselves will create content for your website on your behalf and also sponsored content.

Influencers can create the impact you want for your business

You can add credibility to your content by partnering with influencers as they would be communicating your brand’s message to a trusted source. This is because influencers have a massive following and wider reach on their own. They can easily manipulate your idea to better reach and earn more potential website visitors to your website. More traffic will ultimately boost your search engine traffic.

Our proficient and dedicated SEO experts who keep abreast of the latest SEO trends and SEO techniques will be providing the best SEO solutions for your exact needs and idea to fruition in all the aspects. 

Key Takeaways:

We have gathered the prominent trending technologies that can impact your SEO marketing strategies and effectively enhance your business reach to the wider audience. By unifying these trends with your SEO strategies will play a major role in taking your SEO strategy to the next level and achieve your SEO goals quickly and efficiently.


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