Strategies focused on advancing your E-commerce Website or Online Store


Implementing the following performance centric strategies will help you generate revenue for your online business. These strategies are based on the close study of which issues are obstacles in accelerating the revenue for an E-commerce Online store. The following are the solutions to overcome such issues and enrich your E-commerce Online store stand out unique in the Market. It should perform your business goals and should generate more revenue.

High bounce rate, poor search click-through rate, low average order value, low propensity towards offers and discounts, shop cart abandonment, low repeating visitor are some certain issues that almost every online e-commerce business might be experiencing. 

This post reveals some of the effects that could be taken to overcome the issues and improve their online customer experience.

Improve Your Website Conversion and Customer Loyalty

If your website homepage or campaigning landing page has more bouncing rate and low average percentile of repeat visitors, which signifies that there is a gap between the what your visitors expected and what it has presented to them. When your website lags intuitive search option, filtering competence for visitors to easily reach the target information they want, any irrelevancy will reflect a poor experience for the customers, causing a low conversion rate. 

Providing a personalized experience using Artificial Intelligence(AI) will learn the tendency of the customer’s search and on what product they are interested with. From the captured data AI and machine learning technology will accentuate user with the right information and experience they are expecting from your Online Store. Promotional offers relevant to the on-demands of the user will brilliantly boost your revenue, increased repeat visitors. Driven by AI influence of accumulated data of customer behavior, likes, dislikes, changing trends, interests providing merchandising offer based on that are highly effective in maximizing ROI of your e-store.

Unique experience for different customer segments

AI-based E-commerce platforms have emerged in providing a new kind of personalized experience for your customers. The emergent of this technology has ruled out the practice of providing one generic offer for different customer segment on your website. It is fact that customers with different taste, interset, groups, behavior will arrive at your website from the region, marketing to the needs of all your customer groups individually would be a challenging task. With the support of AI and its collected predictive behavior of the customer, give unique experience for different customer segments. Some of the other tools allow you to define the segments using CRM based conditions this will determine time habits, visits, average order value, favorite brands, and more such behavioral data.

Handle customer data effectively

At present, the marketers are daunted by the large kinds of customer data, there arises a challenge of converting the data into tangible insights that could be used as an effective marketing channel. Application of AI and machine learning is an effective way of collecting the volume of data. This big data analytics of AI can be used to achieve high-end efficiency of reaching customer targets. AI never stops learning. With AI & Machine learning, Online Store or E-commerce store owner could finely handle their merchandising offer and create more opportunities for the business as well as the customers by providing a personalized platform. 

Deliver a personalized experience on all customer device

The biggest challenges for the e-merchants is creating an e-commerce personalization strategy on all the devices that a prospect may access your business and achieve this seamlessly with effective marketing strategies. This means not only across Website or Email, promoting across multiple channels of where you can directly meet customers at the other end. There are several providers are now in the market trying to create a customer base, based on the data collected and present product recommendations based on that. Using API technology, you can present these recommendations to point of sale. Once your segments have been set up then creating merchandizing zone in multiple ways across your E-commerce Website. You may use different sets of home banner broadcasting seasonal offers covering all segments of customers like first-time visitors to loyal customers or different offers to the customers who have not made a purchase in the last 6 months. With AI is possible to create countless options. 

Focus on the areas on your website for the marketing campaign

E-commerce personalization allows you to target each customer segment via your online store. This is because through a large amount of visitor arrives your website, the challenge lies for acquiring those customers arriving website other than the landing page. To keep up your every millennial of your website, you can use a common header that acts as the merchandising zone across your entire website. Apart from that maintain key landing pages for the normal visitor and consider those arrive from the typical visit.

Benefits of creating an E-commerce personalization strategy

Before you invest in E-commerce personalization, it is good to take the analysis of how your website and emails are performing. E-commerce personalization provides the e-store owner with an effective way of merchanding offers and attracting all segments of the customer.

Bottom Line

E-commerce Personalization will help E-commerce store owner to reach customers of different segments. The technologies like AI, Machine Learning capture the customer behaviour data and provide personalized experience for every groups.

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