User Interface Updates to watch out for 2018 – Part 1


A better user experience can be achieved with an eye-catching user interface, which is the most significant aspect to take into account when focusing on the customer acquisition and retention with your website, e-commerce store or simply to make their eyes look for your brand despite the high competition and plenty of providers for the particular product category. Owing to improving conversions on your website, you must ensure to create a user-friendly interface that attracts the audience or users solely on your rendering. 
If you are really looking for the way to stand out in the competition, increase the trust and credibility for your business? Then, you must be careful in making an unbeatable user interface should be always your cup of tea such that to be right on the top among the competitors.
This article will cover the trends in two segment – part 1 & part2.

Well-structured landing pages 

A landing page is where your users will land and read on the information you have provided on it. In addition, they are revealed about the whole scenario of the website in one-single landing page precisely. Essentially, users no longer have to navigate between multiple pages to know what they want from the website. They have to simply scroll or jump between top and bottom.

High-Quality Images:

Target-centred images will be more effective and the probability of getting more credibility to the website is higher. With any search engine, penalising is common when using the copied image. Essentially ensuring fresh image that is relevant and moreover product-centred, more than quality will not only attract customers but notify search engines to put your website on the top listing.

Ability to successfully integrate 3D graphics onto your website

Due to advancement in the technology over the recent years, the need for implementing the same also becomes a necessary thing. Integrating 3D graphics into the website or applications has become the dream into the reality. Now it has turned out to be common, doing these things will not affect your website loading. Moreover, adding 3D kind of animations and graphics will no longer slow the website loading as these are the advanced technologies.

Use of Gradient Colours:

Effective to the technology advancement, gone are the days where a plain website with less percentile of colours being used. It is now the time to consider bringing in smooth colour transition to the website design. You've got the fine opportunities to play with gradient colour techniques and make a very good customization to the website resulting in an outstanding and attractive to the audiences.

Enhance Typography:

How good you can play with the text of the website will make your user not only visit your website but also allows them to revisit the website. Also, it helps to leave no white space in the website. Use lovely, catchy, stylish font for every corner of the website right from a heading to the normal text used in the images and in the white spaces. If you are going to make use of different fonts, their legibility is to be taken into account. While the position of the text going to placed on the website also the significant attribute.

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