How To Create A Website using WordPress Step by Step for your Small Business


It is undeniable fact that every business must have their online face in order to get connected with the millions of users in online. Today frantic Internet world, where millions and millions of users are present online rather than off,  it is the best way to reach out to potential online users and moreover the advantageous for the business to broaden their brand & promotion with that face. If you are a small or large business, at present scenario the necessity to represent a website have been common. For an example any top clothing brand name search in the online you first find the website Website design company in tirunelveli for it. There are several purposeful reasons for every business to get a website but among all the paramount fact is that it plays an effective role in connecting with your customers. A strategy claims that small businesses are ending up their revenue to $3.6 million, but integrating with a website they can reach up to $5.03 million. 

How To Create A Website using WordPress Step by Step for your Small Business

1. Domain Selection and Registration

The ever important step of before creating the website, carefully do your domain selection. By registering a domain name can enhance the credibility of your website on the Internet. As the time builds up, your domain name will become the brand identity. Selecting of the catchable and easy spelled name can make your users get attracted to your brand. 

When registering your main domain, that you choose the extension as per the domain name and type of the brand (.net, .org etc). This will protect your own brand identity from other parties who want to copy yours. 

You can find thousands of domain name registrars, which you can choose the best one out of it. You can go to their website and check a domain name’s availability in their Domain Name Search column.After selecting a domain name that is available for use, you can follow the procedure listed out on the website to register it.

2. Choose Trusted Hosting Provider

So after framing your domain name, the next step is that you choose a trusted hosting provider for hosting your website. Hosting determines where your site sits on the Internet. Where your files are living for the people to access them through the internet? Your hosting provider will provide a virtual space where all your website file is stored and made live on the internet. Also determines the bandwidth limits for the best loading speed as per the range of visitors. 

Selecting a hosting provider might be a tedious task as again you can find plenty of them. While choosing based on these factors you can easily end up with the right one. Based on bandwidth, SSD storage, domain uptime, backup system, server response time and cost. 

3. Find a great Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) pertains you to create an SEO-friendly content which can the backbone of making your website always in optimized version. A CMS is a web application that can help you with the creation, editing, and management of digital content. Different CMS has its own unique features but most of them will commonly include web-based publishing, content format management, media library and usage, plugins/add-ons, and much more function.

Importance of Using a Content Management System

Using CMS has importance and benefits. You can list out various reasons to install a CMS. The prime reason is that CMS is the effective platform help you to manage your full website. It's moreover easy for you to create, publish, edit & remove web pages where with normal website creating method, you will need to manually edit your code. One more advantage of CMS is you can create SEO-friendly static URLs automatically. You can also streamline the website for the intuitive and engaging user experience by selecting out a unified themes, plugins from the plenty of already available in all kind of CMS.

4. Use WordPress as your CMS

Next comes which CMS will best suit your website creation. This is a good decision and wisely you have to choose the best system from the variety of CMS available, as you need only one CMS to work your website. There are few names can be suggested with CMS, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Tumblr and more. Among the other CMS system, WordPress has been used at a greater percentage for its vast plugins & easy user interface for the developing a website. The learning curve for WordPress website management is very easy, and you'll get used to its interface and be able to make quick changes to websites in a jiffy.

Advantages of Wordpress CMS Website:

Wordpress can be a great platform for creating a Mobile friendly website where you can easily optimize your website to have AMP Pages through WordPress plugin. Nowadays 50% of your website users are from Mobile phones. While they search out your website in Mobile, it should be of 100% Mobile friendly and also choose a good theme for your website development. 

5. Strategically Plan your content

Next comes planning your content. Content is where you tell your users about your product and service in a brief at the same time you must not dump it with more information, as your visitors might get bored and headachy. So, whether it is small or large business website, don't tell everything about your business in paragraphs. Instead, make it in crisp and short, moreover should be interesting to the user. Such that they would prefer to revisit your website. The trick of every small business should catch the attention of the user and turn them into loyal customers. Therefore, put things that will interest customers on the website.

6. Complete Design of the website

This is one of the significant steps where your website turns out aesthetic to the users. It is at this moment of time you will utilize the creative and artistic talents of designer and really design the website. Now you might think a beautiful website will only connect your target audience, but really you have to rethink of the main purpose of the website. The main purpose of the website is not to show off your artistic talent, but to communicate information of the small business to the public in an engaging manner and the same is applicable if your business is related to fashion or design, then a nicely designed website will give viewers confidence on your skills.

7. Avoid Technical Errors

This might be harder for the novice, but an impeccable website will leave your user to stay at your website for long period of time, also they might be your loyal customers. If your website consisting of the faulty page and that a user lands on it, what happens? They will quit visiting your website or they might experience some technical issues while they are eagerly foolproof your business information. Few examples of technical errors 404 page not found, redirection and more.  While these are all technical errors, Web design company in salem you might check up with the clerical errors like typos, spelling mistake or grammatical errors.

8. Full Website Setup and launch

Finally, we have arrived the final step of launching the website. Before launching your website run through several times to ensure it absolutely works fine & well. After several testing and if you are satisfied with your website it is good to go!

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