Interesting SEO Trends to look out for 2018


As the wave of changes sweeps the tech areas, like any other Industry, SEO also falls into the category of constant updates and growth as it often does. 

How your effective strategies are working?  Certainly, take for an instance, the SEO strategy of consistently landing atop SERPs might be irrelevant for the marketers to implement it now. That is why professionals also constantly keep abreast and exploring the new things evolving in the Industry.

As of the end 2017, there was several SEO updates of which the most significant was Google's Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), importance of backlinks, precaution of the overuse of the 301 redirects and reformatting the snippets for the voice search. In 2018, certain updates likely continue and some may fall in 2018.

We must also have to keep eye on the New Trends in 2018.

Whether you continue or start of newly using the 2017 Trends, this post compasses of the SEO Trends of 2018.

Rise of the SERP features:

It is the desire of every professional to bring large amount traffic and maximum reach to the given website. Finally, it is to achieve the top spot of the search engine. It should not only to reach the top place but should follow the certain strategy to maintain it as long as possible.

Interestingly, Gone are the days where the target website should be on the top 10 list will give out the expected result. Now, you look at SERP, it is cluttered with images, video, social media platforms, in-depth article listings, various widgets, and ads. There are many popular search engine featured ads that play a vital role in bringing the edge results and a way to achieve the target that you want with. With the variety of enhanced & improvised SERP features, it is for the every professional to keep up the trends and work on with it.

Rich Snippets for the better search:

These rich snippets differ from the regular snippets in terms of symbols use in the data structure format. The regular snippets is often crafted with '-' and that of the rich snippet '|'. It might wonder you whether it effectively bring high traffic to the searches. But it really does and very essential to keep the data structure in this format for a better “voice search” and eventual traffic to the specific target.

Faster Page loading

Having the great information acquiring resource called the “Internet”, we are more tempted to acquire an answer to their query or get an equivalent result for what they are looking out for. It is more than of frustration when clicking on a website the appears to answer the query that you are searching, and if the page loads slow, then traffic will decrease as the user will terminate from there itself. A page that loads fast will bring more traffic and helps your target to keep at the top of search engines.

Increased Page Relevancy

Increased page relevancy is a significant trend of SEO. Google constantly quest for the informative data from its biggest database. When the user places a query, Google searches for sites that match the best intents from its largest database. Which means Google produce the search results relevant to the data.  One of the ways that Google use to calculate relevancy is the Latent Semantic Indexing. With Latent Semantic Indexing Google can gather billion of relevant information and parse the content and fetch the optimal result to the search query.

Voice Search is the real deal

Just like the recent year 2017, voice search will continue in the upcoming years. The voice search is becoming popular as most of us prefer to search in the Google through voice rather than typing. Not only for its faster reach, but also for the very flexibility. More significantly, voice search is friendly for the users.

Popularity over “linkless” Backlinks

As one or the other reason, the Backlinks cannot be excluded from SEO trends. Where the authoritative links will boost search ranking juice. We cannot deny the truth behind the backlink which is important for the SEO traffic and credibility. Again it should not be mistaken between quality and quantity. Google gives higher authority to the website that constitutes the quality backlinks passing through the quite reasonable numbers. 

SERPs have become more personalized

Besides the traditional search ranking factor like page speed, content relevancy, page & domain authority and search engine collects the personal information of the user like interests, location, history to provide the personalized search results based on the user search history, interests and repeated search of the same query. An SEO goal is to make the target website atop of the search results. Though there is nothing to do with SERP's except that your traffic data is accurate.

Wrapping Up:

The conclusion of the whole theme of the article is that the SEO professional must keep pace with the changing trends and updates ongoing in the Tech Industry and optimize with the strategy and implement it to churn out effective outcomes.

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