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With Apple iOS12 version has already emerged in the Marketplace, it has now come up with many exciting features for both iPhone users and developers. These new features offer its users with exciting opportunities and a new way of developing fully-featured native iOS apps. This iOS12 offers enhanced functionalities right from Machine learning capabilities, additional Siri skills, and a new approach to notifications. 
The following features of iOS version 12 will give an impact to the iOS development in 2019 and beyond.

iOS12 features Siri Shortcut

Though Siri seems to be considered as one of the undervalued voice assistant rotation today, however, the additional Siri skills in iOS 12 make the personal assistant more valuable and that Siri has become most proactive and moreover a prime feature. This is because of the introduction of Siri Shortcuts. Its primary purpose is to ease the voice assistant and make it more useful throughout the day by minimizing the steps taken to accomplish the everyday task. The user activity is managed by Siri shortcut whereby it suggests shortcuts for the usual in-app behaviors. From the user’s lock screen itself, Siri will make suggestions in Siri spotlight. Moreover, users can add their own search queries in the Siri assistant. For suggesting shortcuts for your App, Siri learns and predicts through what actually call it as Donations. Developers and the App users can also donate shortcuts and get more personalized suggestions from Siri. 

Another valuable additional augmentation with Siri is the assistant’s ability to handle shortcuts without necessarily opening the app for every time. Through this Siri’s shortcut, developers will be able to provide rich user experience by launching Siri shortcut on the background of the app, such that it gives hassle-free experience for the user to use the Mobile App and perform the task without taking off much time. Overall, Siri Shortcut will travel a long way towards bridging Apple’s digital assistant gap existing today in the Marketplace.

Core ML2 and Create ML 

Last year, Apple introduced Core ML which is the Machine learning framework responsible for Siri, Quick Type, and camera functions. Core ML is also a toolkit that makes it easy for developers to integrate machine learning models into app landmark detection, barcode scanning, object tracking and more. This year, with the iOS 12 update, Core ML is enhanced further into CoreML2 that supports expansive deep learning possibilities and incorporate 30 layer types. CoreML2 requires less coding and developers uses this to create ML and accomplish the task in a simple and flexible manner.

iOS12 Push Notification the latest buzz word

After the recent introduction of iOS12 version, there has been a lot of buzz about push notification and how iOS12 will handle it. This iOS12 gives users a considerable amount of time and control over what notification they receive and how they receive it.

              iOS12 Push notification gives users the following vital opportunities

  • Users have the direct access to the message setting through this push notification interface. This helps the users to manage (opt-out or opt-in) the push notification from device’s lock screen.
  • iOS12 provides enhanced functionalities to the users by giving an opportunity for users to ignore entire push notification if they want to do. 
  • Siri plays a vital role in providing a valuable push notification for the users. This Siri voice assistant is infinitely more active in predicting, analyzing, handling, and sending personalized push notifications based on usage data and users’ in-app behaviors data.
  • With iOS12, users have the opportunity to group the similar notification of Mobile App and group it to ignore the several notifications at once without seeing all of the content.
  • These changes are causing the marketers to provide a potential push campaign and make users access their interesting data from Mobile App which is gathered by the Siri in-app behavior. Though this feature is going to put some hurdles between you and your users, it is a platform for the businesses to provide users with potential push notification that is valuable and presentable. This way businesses can show them as a trustworthy & loyal to the users. 

Apple CarPlay 

This iOS12 Carplay feature comes with an enhanced feature that adds a small side note for App developers to keep on their radar, besides that Carplay now supports third-party navigation apps. This feature governs the CarPlay’s UI element and also enhances the developers to use customized content.

Easy Registration Process 

During WWDC 2018 event, Apple announced they would be simplifying the login and account creation process for iOS apps. The introduction of this feature has enabled the user to get through this login and password with only a few taps. The biggest benefit of this feature is that users need not have to remember the password as everything will be handled by this system. The autofill password feature ensures the security by facilitating unique passwords from the start. 

Summing up

Though the above features are the top developer-focused features of iOS12, many of these features also benefit the end-user. This year, it is going to be the exciting year for the iPhone users as this awesome competence of iOS12 is going to get featured in the iOS Apps. 
So, with several features of iOS12 are on the cards, it is up to the developer to choose the right feature as per the business purpose. 
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